Recommended 32C3 talks

Beyond your cable modem

Alexander Graf talks about his findings in his tv cable provider's access router.
He discovered a hidden administrative network which he could access and use to receive not only his but also other's router configuration data. Equiped with the data and the ability to connect to foreign customer routers it was possible to gain shell access on this machines and manipulate routing information and VoIP channels.
I like this one very much because it's a useful example to referentiate to when explaining why using blackboxes from your vendor is extremly dangerous to non-tech people.

Towards (reasonably) trustworthy x86 laptops

Joanna Rutkowska gives insight to current problems of x86 based hardware.

How the Great Firewall discovers hidden circumvention servers

Philipp Winter shows how the Great Firewall uses distributed probing machines to find TOR relays, tunnel servers and other circumvention services. Points is, if you are a user in China and establish an encrypted connection the firewall establishes its own connection to test the response against a set of known software signatures (handshakes, packet lengths..).

NSA-Untersuchungsausschuss: Zwischen Aufklärungswillen und Mauern aus Schweigen

Anna from the german blog talks about her impressions from the currently acting commission of enquiry "NSA". Guess it's mostly cat and mouse..


Ed Schouten presents his capability based ABI. CloudABI basically works by providing a process only with a very limited set of file descriptors. It aims to be lightweight like containers but secure like virtual machines. Currently ported to BSD variants, Linux is coming.

Breaking Honeypots for Fun and Profit

Guys from Cymmetria talk about identifying and breaking honeypots in the wild. Selection of presented honeypot tools: Artillery, HoneyD, Kippo andGlastopf.


Microsofts Windows 10 Botnet