About me

IRL my name is Dominik, my nickname and handle is bitkeks. My background is in computer science, professionally I earn my living as a freelance IT consultant in software and security.

Beyond that my interests lie in natural sciences, philosophy, photography, economy and politics. I always follow multiple knowledge tracks and try to meet a lot of diverse people.

IT & Software

My main focuses in IT are privacy, data analysis, networking and distributed systems, security and virtualisation. Stack experience:

  • Cloud: Kubernetes, OpenShift, Podman/Docker/Containers, oVirt
  • Communication: Prosody (XMPP), Postfix, Dovecot
  • Monitoring: icinga2, Prometheus/Grafana, NetFlow/IPFIX
  • Networks: nsd, unbound, WireGuard, OpenVPN, tinc, OPNsense
  • Operating systems: Debian, Arch Linux, CentOS/Fedora, Kali Linux
  • Programming languages: Python, Go, JavaScript, Rust
  • Tools: Ansible, Terraform, KVM/QEMU, Docker/LXC, Wireshark/tcpdump, nmap, radare2
  • Web: nginx, haproxy, uwsgi, Flask/Jinja


My Github profile can be found at github.com/bitkeks.