Watchin' you watch

Are you using IPTV? Do you share a network with other people? Then this might interest you. In this article I am going to demonstrate, how someone with a device in your network can sniff and analyse your IPTV usage.

Creating an encrypted RAID5 with LVM in Debian 8

This week I replaced my broken RAID1 with a new three-disk LUKS-encrypted RAID5. This article is a step-by-step guide you can use to reproduce and compare your own setup.

Python CLI wrapper script for smstools

Update to post "Sending SMS via USB modem". This script allows to send sms from the command line.

Switching from to

The recent years I tried to shorten URLs and domains of my hosted websites as good as possible. I did not like using www., why should I add something to make the URL longer than necessary? Even some big websites use no www. prefix, why should my site? Today this …

SMS senden mit einem USB-Modem (Huawei E169)

In manchen Fällen lohnt es sich, SMS als Alternative zu E-Mails für z. B. Monitoring-Alerts zu verwenden. In diesem Artikel erläutere ich, wie dies mit Hilfe eines Huawei E169 umgesetzt werden kann.