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Der Unterschied zwischen Informationssicherheit, IT-Sicherheit, Datenschutz und Compliance

Begriffe, die gerne vertauscht werden. Eine subjektive Ordnung und Abgrenzung der Begriffe "Informationssicherheit", "IT-Sicherheit", "Datenschutz" und "Compliance".

The underlying problem of the Fediverse and other decentralised platforms

ActivityPub and Mastodon brought new incentives into the world of decentralised communication platforms, even so far as I would call it a serious alternative to platforms like Twitter. But all efforts made by hundreds of individuals every day – administrating servers, developing software and moderating communities – have a weak spot which needs to be addressed in the near future: who has control over the underlying computing infrastructure of the Fediverse? And are users aware of the conditions?