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Fixing PulseAudio sound problems in QEMU/KVM VMs by compiling QEMU 4.2 on Debian Buster

Passing through dedicated hardware into QEMU/KVM machines became an easy task during the last years. While PCI devices enabled guests like Windows VMs to use them with native speed, passing sound via PulseAudio sockets to the hosts was still a problem until recently. In this post you will learn how to build the newest QEMU 4.2 on Debian Buster, allowing to stay on a stable distribution without sacrificing access to the most recent improvements!

Using a PCI graphics card in KVM/QEMU on Debian Stretch

Are you looking to use your graphics card or another PCI device in your computer inside a virtual machine? In this article I'll explain how I did it with KVM/QEMU on Debian Stretch.