Articles by bitkeks

Running Greenbone CE 22.4 with podman-compose at Hetzner

Since I'm a huge fan of the OpenVAS, now called Greenbone Community Edition, network vulnerability scanner, I put some time down to try the latest release 22.4. This guide picks up the docs made for docker-compose and ports them to use with podman-compose on a Fedora 37 system.

Der Unterschied zwischen Informationssicherheit, IT-Sicherheit, Datenschutz und Compliance

Begriffe, die gerne vertauscht werden. Eine subjektive Ordnung und Abgrenzung der Begriffe "Informationssicherheit", "IT-Sicherheit", "Datenschutz" und "Compliance".

A new approach to e-mail encryption in Thunderbird - thanks WebAssembly, hello acus!

E-mail is still used and needs modern security tooling. This article explains how state of the art encryption can be integrated into Thunderbird with the WebAssembly technology: compiling Go to wasm, glueing it with JavaScript and calling from a MailExtension.

Fixing PulseAudio sound problems in QEMU/KVM VMs by compiling QEMU 4.2 on Debian Buster

Passing through dedicated hardware into QEMU/KVM machines became an easy task during the last years. While PCI devices enabled guests like Windows VMs to use them with native speed, passing sound via PulseAudio sockets to the hosts was still a problem until recently. In this post you will learn how to build the newest QEMU 4.2 on Debian Buster, allowing to stay on a stable distribution without sacrificing access to the most recent improvements!

Desktop and media video streaming server with OBS, nginx, RTMP, HLS and DASH

Due to current circumstances, video streaming and desktop sharing has found an enormous increase in usage. As I can really recommend OBS for desktop recording and streaming, I've put together a quick guide about setiting up an independent video streaming server with nginx and RTMP, which OBS Studio clients can stream to. Viewers can connect via a website and receive the stream in their browser, using HLS or DASH (article updated with DASH and auth).