Re: Das Informatik-Studium braucht weniger Nerds

Eine Antwort auf den Artikel „Schluss mit den Vorurteilen: Das Informatik-Studium braucht weniger Nerds“ von Moritz Stückler bei t3n.

The Intel Management Engine

Want to know more about the Intel Management Engine? This blog post contains an extraction of my research paper, in the hope that it clears some confusions that surround the Management Engine chip.

Making of @SLUBbot, a Telegram bot

Last year, in 2016, the people behind the Telegram messenger opened up a lot of features of their platform for developers. The so called "Bot API" makes it possible to connect to the Telegram servers, receive messages and communicate with the other clients inside the network. I was curious and developed a bot that has some use case if you are visiting our local library.

Rückblick INFORMATIK2017 in Chemnitz

Digitalisierte Notizen zu einigen Workshops der INFORMATIK2017, die Jahresversammlung der Gesellschaft für Informatik, in Chemnitz.

Visualizing the Hacker News frontpage

What headlines run to the top in no time? What titles are changed? What discussions draw the most comments and stay active? In this post I will summarize how a mix of Python and R produces a video showing the HN headlines over a two month period.