SecShift: Analysis and Conception of Traffic Security for the OpenShift Platform

Are you deploying distributed applications in a public cloud environment – for example OpenShift or Kubernetes? Did you ever wonder how your network traffic can be better secured in foreign infrastructure? If yes, this post is for you! Summary of my diploma thesis, which continued the work on traffic encryption in the OpenShift cloud container platform.

Bits&Bäume wächst – Erfahrungen aus Dresden

Dieser Beitrag fasst unsere Erfahrungen aus zwei Veranstaltungen im Rahmen der Bits&Bäume Dresden (B&B.DD) zusammen und soll zukünftige Sporen/Ableger der Bits&Bäume inspirieren und bei ihrem Vorhaben unterstützen.

OpenShift Node-to-Node encrypted network mesh with WireGuard and Ansible

Connecting nodes with masters is usually secured with TLS. But there's more traffic than just between nodes and masters. This article describes how to set up a WireGuard mesh network between all nodes in a cluster by using Ansible.

Tencrypt: Hardening OpenShift by Encrypting Tenant Traffic

The aim of this work is the research of possibilities which allow automatic and transparent encryption of internal network traffic between applications of Tenants in a multi-tenant OpenShift infrastructure.

Rückblick auf die Bits & Bäume 2018

Bits & Bäume, die erste Öko-Techie-Konferenz ihrer Art! Rückblick, Eindrücke, meine Einreichung und einige Ideen für 2019.