Customize and filter your email address for different websites with extensions and Sieve

You might already know about extensions if you are a Gmail user - but it's in fact not a special Google feature! Using a unique email address on every website you set up an account on makes filtering a lot easier - even more so in combination with Sieve server side fitering.

Collecting NetFlow v9 on OpenWRT

Trying to get ntop to work. Fails because ntop is bundled with nprobe which is not available for free anymore. Alternatives are hard to find. Going deeper finally brings me to softflowd and makes me spend the day implementing a NetFlow v9 parser in Python

Debugging OpenWRT wifi on TP-Link WDR3600

My OpenWRT wireless 5Ghz network stopped working from one moment to the other, so there was nothing left but debugging.. Using TP-Link WDR3600 and the CLI.


One year passed since I last signed a key! And since I ran in some trouble because I forgot how to use the CLI of gpg2, this post serves as a brain dump for future usage: configuration file, expiration dates and signing options.

Watchin' you watch

Are you using IPTV? Do you share a network with other people? Then this might interest you. In this article I am going to demonstrate, how someone with a device in your network can sniff and analyse your IPTV usage.